In-browser Simulators

In-browser simulators are programs you can use right here on the web, without downloading anything. The blog contains more information on these programs including future plans and bug reports.

CamoEvolve is a simple evolutionary simulator. CamoEvolve blog articles

100 Places is an ecological simulator focusing on niche partitioning. 100 Places blog articles

Random Rules generates a random set of rules that then completely determine the behavior of randomly-generated objects. Figuring out the rules requires some fundamental scientific method skills. Random Rules blog articles

RapidModel lets you assemble simple mathematical models in a visual format. RapidModel blog articles

ReactionTimer lets you test your reaction speed under different circumstances in a browser window. ReactionTimer blog articles

VectorGrid is a puzzle game that can be played competitively or single-player in which you apply pushing vectors across a board to steer projectiles. VectorGrid blog articles