General information

This site exists primarily to link to my various projects. One category of projects are my free education/science programs. These are stand-alone programs that you can download and use in teaching or research. The other category of projects are programs that are hosted on a server and everyone who uses the program ends up talking to the same server. These are programs you log into on the web, not ones you download to use on your own computer.

About me

I am an Assistant Professor of Biology at Shaw University. I am primarily an ecologist with special interest in predator-prey interactions and their evolution, including the evolution of camouflage. I also program as a research tool and have become involved in several projects where my primary contribution is building systems for the automated collection or analysis of biological data (although I still tend towards projects where the data is related to evolution, ecology, or behavior).

The blog section of this site is a good way to keep up with what I am doing.

I like to believe that this is what I look like most of the time. It's not true.